Kindergarten & First Grade

Learn phonics & reading at Starfall

Make & match CVC words

Construct-a-Word CVC words

Online word family word sorts

Spelling Match - Grade 1

eWords Vocabulary Practice - Grade 1

Contraction Memory Game - Grade 1

High Frequency Word Practice - Grade 1

Second Grade

Turtle Dash - Use phonics to fill in missing letters (uses long vowels & r-controlled vowels)

Binky's Facts and Opinions - Choose if it's a fact or just an opinion

Put words in ABC order

Plural Play (2 player) - s, -es, and --ies tic-tac-toe

Ice Cream Talk - Nouns and Verbs game

Friendly Hangman for younger kids

Spelling Match - Grade 2

eWords Vocabulary Practice - Grade 2

Third Grade

Skills for Life - Correct Punctuation Marks & Capital Letters

Play Hangman

Noun Dunk - Common, proper, or not a noun?

Robo Bee - practice parts of speech and vocabulary

Coconut Vowels - Find the right vowels before you run out of time

Spelling Match - Grade 3

Memory with Homophones

eWords Vocabulary Practice - Grade 3

Fourth Grade

Dr. Stripp's Reading Ring - Put frames of comic strips in order to win the match

Author's Purpose Questions

Word Invasion - Identify parts of speech game

Eats, Shoots & Leaves - Comma game

Word Frog - Antonyms, synonyms, & homonyms

Solingo - Try to figure out the 5-letter words

Solitaire with words - Challenging!

Spelling Match - Grade 4

eWords Vocabulary Practice - Grade 4

Other Resources (Multiple Grade Levels)

Fun 4 the Brain Language Games